Holic - Nu Dimensions #2

In case you are wondering (which I really hope you don't) if you have heard Holic's name before, let me tell you two words: SpaceWalker Recordings (well it could count as three, but never mind). Further to his work on the label, he has been gigging around Budapest for quite a while now, and become a household name in the international nu-disco scene too. The 27-year old Hungarian mastermind strikes back with a brand new edition of his "Nu Dimensions" mix series.

Holic takes you on a 1-hour journey filled with lush synths, cool basslines and colourful melodies with tracks from the likes of Lancelot, Lou Teti, Chela, Satin Jackets and many more. So just open up those wines, go to the rooftops and don't forget to take your speakers with you as well. Your soundtrack to the evening has been served.



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