The Dante GBRL Podcast 005

I would like to close out Wednesday with the newest episode of my really own podcast. As some of you may know Dante GBRL is the man behind the whole Budapest Bonkers project and I'm not just a lad who enjoys blogging a lot, but also an aspiring (ok, just say wannabe) DJ as well.

I took a few advices regarding my track selection, so I don't want to play out just the newest tunes but also started digging in the crates and found some pretty nice stuff that is 3-4 years old but perfectly fits the sound of 2013.

So I encourage you to leave comments on Soundcloud, on the BPB Facebook wall or via e-mail (bpbonkers@gmail.com) cause I'm really curious what you think about my mixes.

Here you go, enjoy, listen, download, share and love!


01. rafael cerato - somebody love (dana bergquist & peder g remix) [oh records]
02. jorge takei - have to go out [nurvous]
03. interplay - exposure [add2basket]
04. hot natured feat. anabel englund - reverse skydiving (benoit & sergio remix) [hot creations]
05. jonas rathsman - bringing you down [french express]
06. isaac tischauer - this is trouble [french express]
07. mika olson - deep blue chair (the timewriter remix) [ready mix]
08. pablo fierro - surprise (sezer uysal presents spennu remix) [savoir faire]
09. forrest - the game (freakme remix) [mexa]
10. claptone feat. jaw - no eyes [exploited]

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