PREVIEW: Vhyce - Damn EP

Malente's No Brainer Records has provided some really cool and trendsetting releases so far from the likes of Slap in the Bass, Don Rimini, B-Ju and the label head honcho himself as well. The newest outing is coming from none else than Belgian producer Vhyce who provides 3 original bootybusters with remixes coming from Hot Creations' Bubba and MA1 from London.

The title track "Damn" is a really instense piece of techy house with Bubba adding some Chicago flavour on the remix duties. Some really strong stabs and basslines describe the other reworked track "Ostil" with Rinse FM's MA1 putting together some analogue business on the remix duties (just before releasing his very own EP on No Brainer!). "You Were Wrong" is completing the release with a melodic deep house offering.

The release already gained huge support from the likes of Fake Blood, Crookers, Andre Crom, DJ Zinc, Mumbai Science and many others!


01. Damn
02. Damn (Bubba rework)
03. You Were Wrong
04. Ostil
05. Ostil (MA1 remix)

Release date: 31 May 2013

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