Get Physical Radio #97 - mixed by IOAKIM SAYZ

It's time to create yet another good habit on Budapest Bonkers. As I'm trying to diversify the mixes get posted here, I picked the Get Physical Radio Show, presented by M.A.N.D.Y. to serve as a regular feature on the blog.

Get Physical Music is one of the leading labels when it comes to chunky house and techno music, and supported by a weekly radio show it quickly become one of the strongest brands in this genre. This week's edition is presented by a Berlin-based DJ who also has some French and Hungarian origins. IOAKIM SAYZ is a quickly rising talent with releases on Cus Cus Music and Monkeeplatez and - of course - on Get Physical Music as well. Enjoy this really nice set from and also show some love on Facebook!


01. Cine City - Are You Sure Joe (Neil Quigley remix)
02. Dan White feat. Rudi Crone - Mind & Heart
03. Special Case - Nibiru
04. Damian Lazarus, Shaun Reeves, Art Department & BLUD - Robot Heart (John Charnis, Prab K & Lovecraft remix)
05. Valentina Black - Kali's Birthday
06. Climbers - Left Your Love (Barber mix)
07. Junk Yard Rhythm Section - Gave You
08. Mr. G - Hard Compression
09. Tim Paris - Golden Ratio (Villanova remix)
10. Shenoda - Love Thing
11. IOAKIM SAYZ - When It Was Good (Julian Ganzer remix)
12. Ejeca - Akrobat (Eric Volta remix)

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