Eric Prydz presents EPIC Radio 008 (Mouseville Special)

It's always a special pleasure when Eric Prydz lays down a new episode of his EPIC Radio show (usually full of IDs and new, unreleased productions of him). Well, the newest episode goes in an even more special way, since Eric dedicated this show to his more techier alias called Cirez D - as you may know.

Brand new tracks and huge classics making a perfect mixture in more than 90 minutes of Eric Prydz, including his new, yet unreleased remix of Dirty South's "Champions" and the newest Cirez D track called "Drums in the Deep". Some of the storied classics include "Murder Was The Bass" by DK8 or the Deadmau5 remix of "Teaser".

Let it roll!

Eric Prydz - EPIC Radio 008 (Mouseville Special)

01. ID
02. Cirez D - Drums in the Deep
03. ID
04. Cirez D - Thunderstuck
05. Dirty South - Champions (Eric Prydz remix)
06. Cirez D - Tool 1
07. Cirez D - Glow in the Dark (dub)
08. Cirez D - Fast Forward
09. Cirez D - Glow
10. Cirez D - Mokba
11. Cirez D - Punch Drunk
12. Cirez D - Mouseville's Theme
13. Cirez D - On Off
14. Thomas Krome - Wood Carver
15. Cirez D - Control Freak
16. Cirez D - Knockout
17. Cirez D - Teaser (Deadmau5 remix)
18. DK8 - Murder Was The Bass

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