PREVIEW: Shadow Dancer - Unspeakable Things / Breakable

German future techno label GND Records has been flying high during the last 12 months, they releases getting more and more support as the techno sound is starting to reach its renaissance. Let's what they are up to with their newest release coming from Manchester duo Shadow Dancer!

Two fresh tunes in which they dig deep into their Detroit techno and electro roots, showcasing their love of dramatic motor city sounds whilst producing their own bass-driven futuristic take, using a seamless mixture of analogue and digital sounds. First you are invited to do all sorts of 'Unspeakable Things' on the dancefloor, with a fat electro bassline and bleepy synths on the verge of meltdown riding over scattershot beats. Then 'Breakable' takes you on a more hypnotic journey with techno percussion, live bass, ecstatic female vocals and soaring pads. Don't forget that these guys are just featured on the newest Turbo compilation as well!

The release already gathered massive support from A-Trak, Funk D'Void, French Fries, NT89, Keith & Supabeatz, Autokratz and many more.


01. Unspeakable Things
02. Breakable

Release date: N/A

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