Your Guide to the Weekend Episode 15 (mixed by Dante GBRL)

Hey everyone, the weekend has finally arrived so here's your guide as well! I've put together nearly 1-hour of my current favorite house tracks, including brand new bootlegs from Jesse Rose and Sonny Wharton, a new track from the Dirtybird Players compilation among many others! Listen, comment, share and ENJOY  of course!

Dante GBRL - Your Guide to the Weekend Episode 15

01. duke dumont - the giver (jesse rose remix) [cdr]
02. caseno - sebastian (kolombo remix) [sweat it out]
03. sharam jey - who's right (andre crom re-edit) [off recordings]
04. kill frenzy & nick monaco - black girls white girls [dirtybird]
05. shadow child - so high [moda black]
06. duke dumont - need u (100%) (sonny wharton bootleg) [cdr]
07. jon celius - still don't love you (haze-m remix) [cream couture]
08. celsius - thought as much [moda black]
09. kraak & smaak - hit the club (sander kleinenberg remix) [this is music]
10. hot since 82 - mr. drive [noir music]
11. maxxi soundsystem & thomas gandey - shake your head (jaymo & andy george remix) [moda black]
12. malente & lars moston - booty (kevin over rejack) [no brainer]

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