The Dante GBRL Podcast 002

It is Wednesday, so I close out today's posts with my very own podcast, and it's second episode exactly.

Some sexy and laid back nudisco sounds for 1-hour just to make sure that you start dancing in the kitchen or feel the vibe in a bathtub. It's not a long week, but this podcast will help you to reach the weekend. Cheers!


01. turntable orchestra - you're gonna miss me (ejeca remix) [new state music]
02. celsius - relax your mind [moda black]
03. yadi - blow (joe goddard remix) [cdr]
04. klic - disco music [home taping is killing music]
05. justin martin & eats everything - feather fight [hypercolour]
06. harry wolfman - booty call [lost my dog]
07. benoit & sergio - $100 bill [hot creations]
08. butch feat. benjamin franklin - highbeams (maceo plex remix) [hot creations]
09. the juan maclean - one day (marc romboy remix) [dfa]
10. jon celius - still don't love you (haze-m remix) [cream couture]
11. haze-m - draw your swords [stayfly]

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