The Hungarian favorites for this week

Hey everyone! The weekend is slowly closing, and however I had a quite hectic week, Budapest Bonkers is back on fire again. As I got so much fantastic stuff which I could post, I've decided to make a compilation about my favorite Hungarian stuff - and go a bit versatile, so you can enjoy a wide range of genres.

Let's kick off with a FREE EP with the best up and coming Hungarian electro producers. Or I shouldn't say electro, since dubstep and trap involved here as well. Anyhow, enjoy the monstrous "Outrage" by Exetfail and a free pack of remixes coming from Nervé, Bastardfool, B:Azta and Sippor. You can find a quick mixtape of the EP on this Soundcloud link and you can download the whole thing RIGHT HERE! Don't hesitate!

And I'm still not finished with some massive party sounds! Sadly, the Köknüb Krú decided  to finish posting on their blog. However, one of the founding members of the group, Kiwy sent me this massive set including his favorites from last year.

I'm quite happy because I've received loads of new stuff during the last few weeks, although the blog was not operating at all. Syrus sent me this fascinating 40-minute mixtape, including some really fat breaks & house tracks. Check it out!

VJ Flux, was one of the best known VJs around Budapest recently spiced up her VJing career with a DJing spinoff. She teamed up with Amanda to form a new girly-house duo and tear up some dancefloors in Budapest during the next months. Take a listen of their introduction mix, it's really worth it!

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