BPB Party Planner: CTRL+ALT+Dance @ Fogasház /w Deaf DJs, Neon Leon & Ali Bishop

Well, BPB rarely advises you to go out on a Thursday night but this one is too hot to miss out. Two of Budapest up-and-coming nudisco crews join their forces to show you what is the sexiest music out there right now.

The lineup includes the Deaf DJs whose party series "CTRL+ALT+Dance" is getting bigger and bigger every time (or at least I had a really memorable nights). Their current spring mix is on its way, but why don't you check out how did they see the spring season last year?

The Disco House And crew joins the guys, namely Neon Leon and Ali Bishop, to complete the lineup.


Venue: Fogasház (1073 Budapest, Akácfa u. 51.)

Deaf DJs
Ali Bishop
Neon Leon

Entry: totally FREE

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