John Digweed - Transitions 446 (Oniris guestmix) (2013-03-15)

As I promised you earlier, BPB will try to compliment you with more and more quality tracks, DJ sets and radio shows. Therefore John Digweed's Transitions show will be a regular post over here.

This week's episode include a guestmix from a really exotic producer, who is proving that amazing electronic dance music can come from absolutely anywhere in the world. If you travel 1,210 kilometres east from Australia into the heart of the southwest Pacific Ocean to a place called Nouméa on a group of islands collectively known as New Caledonia, you will find Oniris, creator of some of the most sublime melodic techno that you will hear this year.




01 Aqob – All Moving Over The Earth (J Daniel Remix) [Question Of Time Qot7]
02 Adeline – Under The Moon (Thugfucker Ft. Greg Paulus Remix [Culprit La]
03 A]pendics Shuffle Ft. Blakkat – Heavy Burdens High [Adjunct25]
04 Luciano – Dance Unity [Cadenza]
05 Italoboyz & Blind Minded – Unquenchable Woman [Superfiction]
06 Pig N Dan – A Sudden Rush [Promo]
07 Dance Spirit – Voyage Of The Cosmopolitan (Okain Remix) [Unike Muzik 006]
08 Dubspeeka – Kilimanjaro [Truesoul 1242]


01 N’to – Every Wall Is A Door [Parquet]
02 Roger Martinez – De Machtige Trip [Gem]
03 Oniris – Ascend [Bedrock]
04 Madben – Alphecca [Hype Muzik]
05 Oniris – Leaving Earth [Bedrock]
06 Ian O’donovan – Crimson Flare [Bedrock]
07 Politeca – Reverso (Vince Watson Mix) [Sick Watona]
08 Roel Hoogendoorn – Into The Fire [Traum]
09 Jaw – Pop (Stefan Vincent Remix) [Promo]
10 Oniris Feat Pat Brooks – The Rebirth [Bedrock 33]
11 Max Richter – Sarajevo

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