Noir - Awakenings Mixtape (March 2013)

Who would think that Noir Music and NM2 head-honcho and man of the moment, Noir had to cancel his monthly "Noir Recommends" mix for this month? Or did he cancel? Of course not. Noir stated that due to studio make-over plus a massive US tour, he could not record the usual mix, but here's a brand new one he did for Awakenings. Isn't that nice?



01. J Wiltshire - Closer (Original Mix) - Hypercolour
02. Rills - Ladies & Gentlemen (Original Mix) - 8Bit
03. Pablo Fierro - Bring The Night (Original Mix) - Noir Music
04. Hot Since 82 - Pour The Sugar (Original Mix) - Noir Music
05. Scheibe - Achterwaarts (Original Mix) - Monaberry
06. FNM - Blu (Steve Bug & Daniel Dexter Remix) - Save The Black Beauty
07. Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv (Dodha Remix) - 1Trax
08. Flashmob - Pieces (Garage Mix) - Defected
09. Supernova - The Circle (Original Mix) - Noir Music
10. NiCe7 - Bassline Soldiers (Pirupa Remix) - Defected
11. Innakat (aka Noir) - Grab Somebody (Original Mix) - Suara
12. Nikola Gala - The Replacements (Actor One Remix) - NM2

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