John Digweed - Transitions 448 (Rob Hes guestmix) (2013-03-29)

As you may have noticed, John Digweed's "Transitions" radio show has become an essential part of the week on the Budapest Bonkers blog - this Friday is no exception as well.
This week's guestmix was provided by Dutchman Rob Hes who is already having a monumental year with releases on labels like Digweed's Bedrock or Toolroom Records. He spun a quite nice melodic techno set, packed with own tracks and remixes. Check it out!
John Digweed
01 Pig&dan – The Sudden Rush [Bedrock Usom2]
02 Jimmy Van M Feat Luxor T -
03 Thomas Schumacher – Every Little Piece (Hot Since 82 Remix)
04 Elio Riso – Default In Your Mind [Bedrock Usom2]
05 Coyu – Long Time Awaited [Cocoon]
06 Rob Hes – Simplicity [Bedrock Usom2]
07 Ian O’donovan – Crimson Flare [Bedrock Usom2]
08 Japanese Popstars – Ramp Getting Nailed [Bedrock Usom2]
09 God Within – Raincry

Rob Hes
01 Mark Mywords – Thank You [Promo]
02 Noraj Cue – Groove Kwartier
03 Muui – While You Where Sleeping [Outside The Box]
04 Darin Epselon, Tom Sela – Lapis Lazuli (Andre Sobota Remix) [Psdi Comp 05]
05 Rob Hes – Living Like A Waveform [Basmati]
06 Mar T – Crash Pad [Nirvana]
07 Sonate – Stop Logistics [Reptillian Music]
08 Cardiowave – Hack And Slash (Rob Hes Remix)
09 Mark Mywords – Life Is A Metronome
10 Dinstanz – 10 Tanz (Steve Slight Remix)
11 Michel De Hey, Rauwkost – Just A Matter Of Time (Don Ruijgrok Remix) [N.e.w.s]
12 Rob Hes – Simplicity [Bedrock]
13 Antoni Bios – Form (Ri Cazal Remix) [Drowne 008]
14 Rob Hes, Steve Slight – Focusing

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