Your Guide to the Weekend Episode 022 - mixed by Dante GBRL

Though the weekend officially will start tomorrow in Hungary, I bet the clubs will packed tonight in BP as well, so why not post the newest YGGTW?

This is the "usual" 10-track compilation to start out your weekend, either by preparing for a massive club night, or just go out drinking with friends or laying on your couch all night long. Since it is December already, I tried to sneak in a bit of summer flavour in the mix, you'll hear it for sure!

This week's edition includes some banging new material again: Terace's remix of Rüfüs' "Tonight", or the new and already blogged remix of Kylie's "Slow" - courtesy of Kreap! Kicking it off with indie disco, then going in a bit deeper direction before closing it out with some banging UK house from Moda Black and MTA!

Check it out and enjoy your weekend!

01. rüfüs - tonight (terace remix) [sweat it out]
02. alunageorge - you know you like it (tchami remix) [cdr]
03. solution - feels so right (whitenoize remix) [toolroom]
04. party supplies - going back to new york (the knocks remix) [cdr]
05. rac feat. penguin prison - hollywood (cassian remix) [cdr]
06. kylie minogue - slow (kreap remix) [cdr]
07. simion - don't u [off recordings]
08. howson's groove - i wonder (baunz remix) [chasing unicorns]
09. jaymo & andy george - tales from the basement [moda black]
10. josh butler - keep movin' [mta]

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