Purple Disco Machine - Funk EP

There is hardly a better example of the expression "taking the world by storm" than the case of Purple Disco Machine. It only took a couple of releases for this gifted German to pack his schedule with gigs in top locations all over Europe and create a buzz within the dance music charts with his deep funk signature sound.

Now a steady part of OFF Recordings´ roster, he get back with yet another impressive pair of mind blowing songs.

"The Funk" all about the groove, a live bass disco infused sample working its way with clever drum arrangements and a hip hop vocal snippet including broken beat breakdowns, crazy percussion and a live environment vibe... A dancefloor jam for sure!

On "Magic Moll" the guy get deeper and provide a piano house monster, the rolling chords get perfectly complemented with a great bassline and vocal work, a feelgood track that will do the trick in that special time of the night.

Release date is set for 17 December 2013.

01. Purple Disco Machine - The Funk
02. Purple Disco Machine - Magic Moll

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