Venice Valley feat. MMM - Answers

The debut single of the highly talented Venice Valley duo called "Stay" caused quite a stir in the Hungarian music industry (and in blogland as well), so I was quite curious how they will keep up the strong start. Well, they didn't let me down.

The guys teamed up with the Norwegian girl duo MMM to release "Answers". The song itself is available for a few weeks now, and finally, a superb video has arrived too. The aim was to recreate a late 90s feeling with stunning dance moves and pretty girls - I think this was accomplished quite well.

The song itself pursues that airy, indie pop feel that characterised "Stay", except for a bit of dark touch: "Answers" raises the question of what would you do in such unbalanced situations when you're absolutely running low while you're partner is rising high (or the way around), how would you react in these situations when words are definately not enough. To find yourself an answer, just check check out Venice Valley's new video!

Venice Valley - Answers ft. MMM from Venice Valley on Vimeo.

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