Douster - Iz U High EP

Asking the key questions of (post-)modern society...is a very bold move. Douster is down for bold moves. A passion for strategy and a certain political ambition are at the roots of his struggle to raise awareness thru his booty house music. So it doesn't come as a surprise to us when he, quite frankly, asks: „Iz U High”.

But not only that. In his art pieces he dares to tackle touchy topics such as 'size' from all kinds of different angles. And yes, he addresses the most fragile cornerstone of our society 'gender'. „Why Yo Shoe So Big” playfully risks and hence discloses the peaceful co-existence we're almost addicted to.

He wouldn't be Douster though if he wouldn't throw the first „Stone” to rebuild what he almost tore down. Let's hope he doesn't hit someone's head.

Don't know if you knew, but Curses just came back from the grave recently and we asked him to rephrase „Iz U High” for us. You can hear his immortal soul. Almost like the sirens singing: Less agitated, more deep - less reproachful, more bass. Mystic Populism? Fuck Yeah.

Damn. Turning all this into something political worked perfectly until Night Drugs brings back the drugs and adds the 2step. So let me sum this up:

„It's still wrong to be high, but it feels right”

Release date is set for 13 December 2013.


01. Iz U High
02. Why Yo Shoe So Big
03. Stone
04. Iz U High (Curses remix)
05. Iz U High (Night Drugs remix)

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