Budapest Bonkers Top 100 of 2013: no. 90-81

If you follow the Budapest Bonkers Facebook page you probably aware all the selections down to number 20. The top 20 will be revealed still this year - and as the countdown continues on the blog as well, here are the selections from number 90 to 81.

# 90. Finnebassen - Jaeger [JEUDI]
An excellent deep house delight from the Danish prodigy!

# 89. Mika Olson - Deep Blue Chair (The Timewriter remix) [READY MIX]
After so many years in the business, The Timewriter still delivers excellent remixes - this is one of the highlights of the summer!

# 88. Nile Delta - Aztec (Plastic Plates remix) [CUTTERS]
This is what indie dance is all about in 2013!

# 87. Cleavage - My Body [FREEBIE]
Huge free track from Dutch producers Cleavage, sampling R. Kelly

# 86. Catz Eatz Dogz - Evil Tram [PETS RECORDINGS]
Massive collaboration between the Polish and English house gods.

# 85. Mark Knight - Your Love [TOOLROOM]
Mark Knight revamped Kylie's hit in an excellent way.

# 84. Jad & The Ladyboy - Tipsy [TOY TONICS]
A Friday night classic all year long.

# 83. Fapples feat. Ange - Bubbles [UNION JACK]
The best from the Fapples in 2013.

# 82. Adana Twins feat. Digitaria - Reaction [JEUDI]
Jeudi Records again, great collab between Hamburg and Brazil.

# 81. DeMarzo - Original Mixtape [UNDERGROUND AUDIO]
Hard-hitting English house at its best.

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