BPB TOP 100 of 2013 - preview and guidelines

Usually, at the end of each year music blogs are taking reviews of the year and snatch out the best and worst of each year. Nto so creatively I've decided to go in this direction as well and try to wrap up 2013. I was thinking about posting a top 10, then a top 20 then top 20 tracks and albums etc.

At the end, I've realised that the goal of the blog is to show multiple genres to electronic music fans around the world and let them discover the world of dance music via the newest tracks and mixes.

Thus, we have reached this point - I went through my music collection, my sets from this year and there were so many (and I mean  A LOT) fantastic tracks so I was just thinking: why not to make a top 100 for this year? I haven't done this before, it is a bit of an experiment, it is absolutely biased - but as I finished my list, I promise you that it is versatile - you will definately find some new awesome tracks that you have skipped through during the year. Also, I would be really curious about your lists or recommendations, so don't hesitate to share them on the BPB Facebook wall or on twitter or in e-mail to bpbonkers@gmail.com

The tracks will come in packages of 10, starting tomorrow (18 December 2013) and I will finish the top 10 on Monday. Of course, this week will feature a special "Your Guide to the Weekend" mix and on next week you will get a special "Best of BPB in 2013" mix as well.

A few words about the list (without names of course): I think it clearly shows the direction in which I'm currently heading - massive number of nudisco and indie dance tracks, complimented with some quality house and deep house tunes. Some labels present numerous tracks however I've tried to present one track per artist. Of course it wasn't easy, so there might be producers who have more than one track or remix on the list. 

Please follow the BUDAPEST BONKERS FACEBOOK WALL and TWITTER as the countdown starts on Wednesday afternoon!

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