TMX - Summer Starter

Kollektiva and Sticky Beats mastermind TMX is very generous to his fans when it comes to sharing brand new mixes. Besides the weekly Kollektiva show on RCKO.fm, he surprised us again with his seasonal favorites. This could be a nice blueprint for TMX livesets during this summer, as he's not just heading to most of the summer festivals but also a resident in the Budapest nightlife whether you're talking about Kolor, Corvintető or AnKERT. Let's check this out.

He emphasizes that the mix itself is eclectic as it is possible. Starting out with Benoit & Sergio's superb "$100 Bill" from Hot Creations, he pours Disclosure, Leftwing & Kody, Amine Edge and many other really up and running names, as the set evolves around the sexy house and nudisco sound for a bit more than 60 minutes.

This one is heavily favored by BPB, so just go ahead and listen!


01. Benoit & Sergio - $100 Bill
02. Akabu feat. Alex Mills - Everybody Wants Something (Joey Negro remix)
03. Sleaz - Beautiful (Amine Edge re-edit)
04. Disclosure - When a Fire Starts to Burn
05. Leftwing & Kody - Lost
06. ID
07. Amine Edge & Dance - My Girl
08. ID
09. Homework - By Definition
10. ID
11. Monte - You Should Know
12. ID

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