PREVIEW: Foamo - Release Me EP

Rinse FM radio host and sub-heavy house maestro Kye Gibbon aka Foamo is set to release his new EP through Rinse on 17 June. Over the past five years Foamo has carved himself out a powerful niche in UK club music with his takes on house drawing strong influence from growing up with drum & bass, garage and grime.

On his Release Me EP the presence of those style is as tangible as ever - sub-bass is hard, punchy and optimised to rattle through the chest: drums are swung to a lean garage flex - and they1're put to the service of some of the most multi-faceted music he's produced to date.

The title track "Release Me" is a slinky vocal house track led by synths swimming in reverb and delay, while tiny flickering breaks and hand-struck percussion weave their way through its central beat.

"Running" is an infectious affair, finding its chiming melodies driven along by a huge, pulsating bassline which leaps joyfully around the register.

"Without You" is a harder edged, but again toes a thrilling line, where its immersive breakdowns build into explosive salvos of bass and percussion.


01, Release Me
02. Running
03. Without You
04. Release Me (instrumental mix)

Label: Rinse
Release date: 17 June 2013

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