The Dante GBRL Podcast 006

Hey everyone! I'm really happy to present you the 6th episode of my very own podcast, made for the Budapest Bonkers blog. As some of you may know, this Podcast focuses mainly on deeper sounds, such as sounds that you would like to hear in a midweek evening while loungin' after a hard day's work. Of course some stompin' beats might sneak inside, but I leave the heavier tracks for the Your Guide to the Weekend series - which I will also resurrect really soon!

This week's episode features some tracks from the latest installment, which I cannot resist to include again such as "No Eyes" from Claptone and Jaw or that absolutely fantastic summer track by Jorge Takei. Also some new ones can be found inside, just to make a honourable mention: Ben Pearce's remix of "Cool" by Le Youth - astonishing remix, I fell in love with it in the first second I heard it.

I'm still really eager to hear your comments and tips, so please listen, like, download, share and feel free to send me your opinions as well!


01. mika olson - deep blue chair (the timewriter remix) [ready mix]
02. adeline - what you got [culprit]
03. claptone feat. jaw - no eyes [exploited]
04. rafael cerato - somebody to love (dana bergquist & peder g remix) [spacewalker]
05. sasse & raxon - the day before tomorrow [audio tonic]
06. le youth - cool (ben pearce remix) [ultra]
07. rufus - take me (cassian remix) [sweat it out]
08. patrick topping - what do you mean [hot trax]
09. blondish & thomas gandey - voyeur (jay shepheard & martin dawson remix) [get physical music]
10. bjorn storig - once upon a time (marlon hoffstadt & hrrsn remix) [light my fire]
11. jorge takei - have to go out [nurvous]

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