FREE DOWNLOAD: Useless Wooden Toys - Everybody

I've just received this beauty from the Italian nu disco powerhouse La Valigetta: a free tune from a big returner! Check out the newest production of Useless Wooden Toys!

After having collaborated with several Italian artits and musicians like Amari, S.W.I.M, Spiller, Uochi Toki, Ghemon, Entics, Dargen D'Amico or Sano Business, Useless Wooden Toys returns with their original disco soul made by a fun blend of italo disco, electro funk and house.

Their latest track, “Everybody”, is far a repetitive and catchy anthem. Useless Wooden Toys have always been fond of looping, but they also mix it up enough that the new song results engaging from beginning to end. Simply here, you get what you'd expect from a real disco sound.

“Everybody” is an enthralling progression of energic tension where the loop becomes more and more magnetic turning around the odd sample, that always represents the foundation of the Useless Wooden Toys 's music production.


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