Disclosure feat. AlunaGeorge - White Noise (ValyMo remix)

Valentin Morelle aka ValyMo has been one of the biggest up-and-coming talents in a very rich French future techno scene. Back in 2011, when I discovered his tracks I considered him as an underrated artist but since then a lot has changed. He gained support from the likes of Kissy Sell Out, Don Rimini, Fake Blood and many more while releasing tracks on labels like Boxon Records (the highly supported Love EP which was picked up by the whole future techno scene) or Plastic Toys or Ventuno Records.

Considering his newest - and FREE remix - it was an excellent choice, in my opinion. "White Noise" is definately one of those tracks from 2013 that we will remember for a long time. As debates going on whether Disclosure outclashed Daft Punk in album of the year consideration, it was apparent that every electronic subgenre will produce its own White Noise remix. So far I did not found such a nice bassy rework of the track (which in my opinion is quite hard to remix due to its trademark sound and the original's really high level of production) until ValyMo delivered his own rework. Check it out yourself and if you are into it, you only have to pay with a tweet to download this little monster.


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