Reelow - June 2013 Promo Mix

I've been following the work of Reelow for quite a while now and first of all, I have to state that he is one of the most underrated artists in the Hungarian house business. While having a huge amount of international releases over the last few years, I definately think that he deserves much more appreciation.

Reelow's sound features a unique blend of house and techish sounds - as you listen to his recent mix, you'll hear it - as the mix itself is pumping but also listenable. Another unique feature that it contains own productions and remixes as well which is quite rare nowadays. I would like to recommend his brand new Cocporn EP (great title choice) on Hustler Muzik.

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Blagoj Rambabov feat. Igor Kostoski - What's Up With That (Or.mix) /Konzentrisch Music
Guido Schneider Meets Jens Bond - Bob & Curly (Original Mix) / Highgrade Records
Reelow - I Need A Break (Original Mix) / Blue Orb Rec.
Medeew - Chicks Luv Us -A Chipe A Chope (Cuartero Remix) / Wow! Recordings
Reelow - Ladies & Gentlemens (Original Mix) / Blue Orb Rec.
Kuo Climax - Dancefloor / Sanity Rec.
Gianluca Caldarelli - Soho Music (Reelow Remix) / Sanity Rec.
Calderon - New Era (Jose M. & TacoMan Remix) / Dumb Unit
Paul C & Paolo Martini - 1074 (Original Mix) / Terminal M Rec.
Reelow - Cocporn (Original Mix) / Hustler MUZIK
Reelow - Nice (Original Mix) / Hustler MUZIK
Chris Hammer - Chris Hammer (Original Mix) / Hustler MUZIK
Yazeed - Kart-Hadasht (Matt Keyl Remix) / Undertechnical Rec.
David Herrero - Mimica (Original Mix) / DUET
David Pher - Frisk (Detlef Remix) / SERKAL
Youri Donatz, Bjorn Wolf - Sputnik (Original Mix) / We Dig. Music

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