PREVIEW: Panos & Sentenza - French 75 EP

Off Recordings' evergrowing catalogue reaches up to 61 and continues to showcase new talent to the world. This time welcoming Panos & Sentenza, a multi-territorial duo combining influences from the seminal US midwest and the warm coasts of the Greek mediterranean, who achieve a both soulful and body-moving sound.

First track is "French 75" showing the Chicago influences in full with a jackin' groove and lush vocals all topped with a killer bassline, deep and sexy.

Already OFF family members, Leftwing and Kody come back with their signature sound to provide a more garage but equally sexy remix, these guys know how to build a hit and they prove it once again.

"Vigilante" shows the duo versatility to close the EP with a darker, slower pace... A soulful, deep trip for those early moments in the night.

A truly essential package.


01. French 75
02. French 75 (Leftwing & Kody remix)
03. Vigilante

Label: Off Recordings
Release date: 25 June 2013

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