The BPB Selection

Oh yes, it's time for a new segment on Budapest Bonkers. With the weekly BPB Selection, I'll try to choose 5 tracks each week which - in my opinion - absolutely can't miss ones. There are no rules for genre, either it's a party banger or a listening pleasure, either it's brand new or a bit older (though I'll try to focus mainly on the newbies). Let's see what I've got for this week.

#5 Worthy - Make That Booty Go
With the first one, I have to go with Worthy's new freebie. We knew the guy for his quality releases on Anabatic and Dirtybird, and this techy ghetto bass bomb is a perfect compliment to those releases aswell. I bet it will make lots of hips go wild on the dancefloors, so I advise you to take that free download as fast as you can.
Worthy - Make That Booty Go - (FREE DOWNLOAD) by worthy

#4 Filthy Dukes - Beat The Break
Release last week on the fantastic Fried & Tested selection on Southern Fried, the Filthy Dukes deliver yet another monster track. I guess I'm a noob, since I first heard their name in 2008, and easily labeled them as an indie-electro formation, but this track is the business. Perfect for dancefloors, perfect for radio sets, monster basslines, techy beats - what else do we need?
Filthy Dukes: Beat The Break by Southern Fried Records

#3 Super Super - Babydaddy (Planisfear remix)
British producer Planisfear has been under the radar for a long time now, being a blog favorites, lots of plays and followers on Soundcloud - I have to say that I'm really looking forward to his productions this year, since the start - a remix for German Super Super is monstrous. I love the whole production, the track is very useful for a wide range of DJ sets. It's out on German label Traktor.
Super Super - Babydaddy (Planisfear Remix) - Preview - Out January 13th on Traktor Records by Planisfear

#2 Birdee - You Like It
I have to make another selection from the Southern Fried compilation, and it's Birdie's wonderful turbofunk track "You Like It". He's been on fire for the last few months, also a new collab with Milan supergroup Reset!, which is also bomb, but this one is even better in my opinion. Just listen, and wait till the drop. Amazing!
Birdee - You Like It (preview) by Birdee

#1 Jonas Rathsman - Tobago
Looks like I'm totally into caribe disco this week. I just can't stop listening to Jonas' fantastic track. Yea I know, it's a bit earlier release out a month ago on French Express. First heard it back in October on a Jaymo & Andy George mix, and since then I just fell in love with it. Very catchy one with those vocal samples, and it's still good even when it's pitched up. Big up for Jonas!

Jonas Rathsman - Tobago (Preview) by Jonas Rathsman

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