Best of Hungary #4

You might know this segment of the blog, since I try to catch up occasionally about the Hungarian underground electro scene. Here I compiled some favorites (I got most of these from you guys, so Hungarian producers, don't be shy to send some demo material!).

Let's start out with Bastardfool, who dropped his newest remix this week, by entering the Atomic Zoo Remix Contest. It's an evil little electro rethink of Dani Deahl's "Diplo Hates You", so if you like it (which I really hope), show some support in the contest and throw a like for him on FACEBOOK
Dani Deahl - Diplo Hates You (Bastardfool Remix) - Atomic Zoo Remix Contest by Bastardfool

I've posted a few DJ sets from Gyurex, who is a quite known face in the Budapest nightlife and not only he's the new warmup DJ of Thrasher Party, but also started a new project for producing along with Baron, which is called Drop The Cheese. This means banging electro (and maybe dubstep?) tracks and a new free EP soon. Here's the first taster. Evil Monkey.
Drop The Cheese - Evil Monkey (Original Mix) by Gyurex

And now, here's something really hardcore. Debrecen-based rock/postrock band My Gift to You continued its great habit to ask electro and dubstep producers to remix their songs. I'm speechless about the results, watch out for headbanging, while you're listening to the remixes of Stereo Killaz, Dave Scorp, Sakic and Priest of Beats. 

My Gift to You-Under Pressure (Stereo Killaz remix) | Under Pressure Remix album Coming Soon! by My Gift to You
My Gift to You - Under Pressure (Dave Scorp Remix) | Preview | New Remix album coming soon! by My Gift to You
My Gift to You - Under Pressure (Sakic Remix) | Preview | New Remix album coming soon! by My Gift to You
My Gift To You - Under Pressure (Priest of Beat Remix) | Preview by My Gift to You

Still not finished. I would like to introduce DiscoFetish. He sent me a mixtape, but honestly I found his own productions much more interesting, nice mixture of different styles, so I have to say that I'm really looking forward to his debut EP. Here's a preview of one of the tracks called "Ready?". Also show him some support on FACEBOOK aswell.
Ready? by DiscoFetish

Closing out the post, I would like to ask you to LIKE the BPB Facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/budapestbonkers, free tracks on the wall every day, I bet you'll find it interesting!

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