BPB Party Planner: LavaLava with Deetron @ A38 (01-27, Friday)

It's almost weekend again, so it's time for planning what to do on the two best night of the week. The program for Friday is quite obvious, in my opinion. One of the most well-known crews in Budapest, LavaLava will celebrate its 4th birthday at A38, including top jock Deetron from Switzerland.
A few words about the LavaLava guys: Tolo, Fez & Falcao started out with electro in 2008, while slowly becoming one of the best minimal/tech groups in Hungary, and hosting nights with headliners like Maya Jane Coles, Rodriguez jr., Sei A, KiNK and many many others - not mentioning the A-league of Hungarian DJs aswell.

Inviting Deetron for this shindig is a great choice. He destroyed many many dancefloors last year with his megahit "Starblazer", he mixed the newest Balance compilation, plus he also got a new remix coming out this week on Systematic Records aswell.
Marc Romboy & Rodriguez Jr. - Picnic Electronique (Deetron Remix) by deetron

Before giving you some warm up material, let's see those party infos, cause this will be a big one!

Venue: A38 Boat (1117 Budapest, Petőfi Bridge)

Crimson & Chrom (ikz, Lick The Click!)
Max Factor & Bergi (Monkey6)
Elbow Room aka Norwell (*Back Home)
Tolo (LavaLava)
FeZ (LavaLava)
Falcao (LavaLava)

in-advance or until midnight on Friday: 2000 HUF

after midnight: 2500 HUF

So, as I promised, here come 2 mixes from the Swiss master, the first one is a guestmix which he made back in October on John Digweed's world famous Transitions radio show.

The other one is a 1-hour set aswell (including 22 tracks!) which he made for the Fact Magazine's Mixtape Series. Both sets are obligatory before Friday's party!

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