The Daily Deep: Adriatique - The BPM Festival Podcast 14

I'm happy to announce this new segment on Budapest Bonkers called The Daily Deep. Day by day, I'll post one mixtape, liveset or anything else in which awesome deep house, house, nudisco or indie dance music is mixed. The inaugural post features the Zurich-based duo of Naird and Alahs or as you better know them: Adriatique.

The guys prepared the latest edition of the BPM Festival Podcast to warm up the crowds for the lavish electronic music festival that will take place in Mexico in January 2014.  I think more than 15,000 plays in 2 days speak for itself: enjoy this magnificient mixtape, courtesy of Adriatique!


01. Bob Moses - All I Want
02. Kalipo - Perspicientia
03. Ten Walls - Requiem
04. ID
05. Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike - Untitled
06. Adriatique - Midnight Walking
07. Baikal - Why Don't Ya (Ripperton remix)
08. Ame - Tatischeff
09. ID
10. Avatism - Mastodon (Mind Against remix)

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