PREVIEW: Jamie Jones - Planets Spaceships EP

Jamie Jones launched the Hot Creations label back in 2010 with the phenomenal „Ruckus”. Now Jamie makes his long awaited return to Hot Creations with „Planets, Spaceships”, a four-track EP set for vinyl release on 18th November 2013.

These tracks have been Jamie's secret battle weapons all summer (including that legendary Boiler Room Ibiza villa takeover set). Tapping into a dark sider but with that distinctive Jamie Jones melody and drive that are a signature feature of his DJ sets. Title track „Planets, Spaceships” features vocalist Daniela Caldellas from Digitaria, who has an album planned for Hot Creations in the new year, whilst „Cookie Monster”, „Starp Trek” and „Stick” take things even deeper with vocal snatches and crisp claps.

Highlighting his avant-garde style and showcasing exactly why he is recognised as one of the leading figures in the rebirth of house music, „Planets, Spaceships” further cements Jamie's place in the dance music hall of fame.


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