Fridge Festival 2013 Spotlight

This Thursday marks the start of this year's Fridge Festival in Budapest, which returns after a two year long hiatus. Considered as a paradise for both winter extreme sports and electronic music lovers, I'm pretty sure that this one will cause a stir during the weekend in BP. Having hosted acts like Nero, Steve Aoki, Pendulum and many more during its previous editions, this year's Fridge Festival is aiming to return to the premier league of winter music festivals as well.

It would be quite a task to preview the whole lineup, so I've decided to make it a bit easier, by posting 5 livesets from 5 of the most awaited acts relating to the electronic music lineup of the festival. So, let's kick it off, here are the 5 acts that you must see if you're going to Fridge!

For all infos on the venue and the tickets, just check out the official website or the Facebook event of the festival.

(11-22, Friday, Party Arena, 23:30 CET)
I don't think that I have to introduce one of the best known DJs of Hungary to anyone, here's a regular at all of the biggest festivals in the country, while touring around in the meantime as well and producing sick electro and EDM tracks as 1/2 of Nobody Moves.

(11-22, Friday, Party Arena, 01:00 CET)
Right after Andro, the now one-man show Crookers will take the stage to test you with bass-filled music all over the place. Right after the release of "Ghetto Guetta" on Skrillex's OWSLA label, it's going to be a massive for sure with Phra's eclectic and heavy sounds.

(11-23, Saturday, Main Stage, 01:00 CET)
Being one of the (or THE) most popular electronic music acts in Hungary, Paul Kalkbrenner will take his place on the main stage as the headliner of the Saturday lineup. Having released dozens of successful quality tracks, I'm really looking forward to a set that will be trippy, pulsating and full of Paul's own productions. Just like he did at Sonar in Barcelona.

(11-23, Saturday, Party Arena, 22:00 CET)
Consistent as ever, Jay Lumen just keeps pumping out tons of quality productions with releases on 100% Pure, Suara and Tronic alone in this year. He will kick off Saturday's festivities in the arena.

(11-23, Saturday, Party Arena, 02:30 CET)
The super-talented mixmaster from Britain will take over the Party Arena on Saturday with his soundstorm full of special effects. Can't miss!

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