PREVIEW: B-Ju - Ass Club EP

Wet dreams anybody?

With „Ass Club” B-Ju created a sweaty, erotic, jackin' piece of house music that makes you move sexier in the club. The track increases your sex appeal instantly. It's been proven. It’s a keeper for sure. „Stringer Bell” is ass good ass. A bit more on the deeper side but relentlessly rolling you may call it the hidden jam on here, but don't, cause then it's not hidden anymore. „The Back” breaks things down, neither trap nor house nor ghetto shit. Just some unique B-Ju.

Ass for remixes. Worthy (Anabatic) treats „Ass Club” into a party smasher, a floor slasher or simply an ass bomb adding bass and mile long breakdowns. Mark Starr (Dirtybird) exhales pure groove after eating the stems. This remix makes me wanna go pop locking again. Well at least I gotta take a break cause this is ...sorry for the pun again...”Ass good ass it gets”.

Release date is set for 22 November 2013.


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