Jägerverb - Septimus EP

Let's kickoff this cold November Monday with a superb preview from Lektroluv, the leading Belgian future techno imprint - courtesy of Jägerverb.

After the banging Phosphenes and Titan EP’s, Jägerverb is now back on Lektroluv to present for your aural pleasure the trio of sonic delights that is the Septimus EP.

Conceived at a carnival in central São Paulo, Jägerverb was exposed to the infectious grooves of rhythm and melody from the earliest stages of his foetal development. However, the child was not born on Brazilian soil. Instead, Jägerverb entered into the isolated civilisation of an unchartered island some distance from the North-West coast of France. Jägerverb soon became disillusioned by his company and surroundings after hearing rumours that the locals frequented bars and clubs offering exclusively commercial dance and drum and bass. But, by some fortunate coincidence, he became acquainted with a band of rebels dedicated to the distribution of house and techno .mp3's illegally imported from overseas. Jägerverb was educated by the rebels on the rich abundance of music available beyond the island’s shores. He was taught of bizarre foreign instruments known as ‘computers’ and ‘synthesisers’, the operation of which would allow him to mimic the musical grooves he so adored. And so Jägerverb plotted his mission to escape the entrapment of the island. Armed with a laptop and a bottle of elk blood infused liqueur, Jägerverb set to work creating grooves of his own.

„Brocken Spectre” was already road tested by Daniel Avery in his Boiler Room TV mix. Do not sleep on this.

Release date is set for 9th December.

Jägerverb - Septimus EP
01. Jägerverb - Broken Spectre
02. Jägerverb - Septimus
03. Jägerverb - Tilde

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