RELEASE: Filthy Rich - Hustle EP

Bow down to the newest release on Off Recordings' sister label Off Spin, courtesy of Richard Wakley aka Filthy Rich!

Rich has proven to have a special talent when it comes to making people dance. With releases on imprints like Hot Waves, Defected and Toolroom, he has been a steady provider of groovy beats.

Off Recordings is honoured to present this new EP with 3 outstanding dancefloor tracks ready to rock any discerning crowd, precisely "Rock The Disco" is the title of the first offering in this pack, a bubbly-bass jacker with a quirky vibe and classic house elements, followed by "I Won’t Let You", another groover with a driving synth riff, great vocal work and an intense breakdown. "Hustle Up" closes this EP with style, with a heavy bass-synth driven track that keeps the tension high throughout the whole song in peaktime frenzy.

This is one special release designed to make the clubs go crazy, go grab it now!


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