The Dante GBRL Podcast 009

We are reaching midweek when it is essential to have something you can hang onto. This is the main goal of my very own Dante GBRL Podcast. And we have also reached its 9th episode already. Well, OK, if you paid attention you could see that actually there is no 8th episode...the recording was made but it somehow lost on my HD but I wanted to keep up the mystery.

So here's the newest installation with some really heavy nudisco and house vibes. I think the tracklist really speaks for itself although I can't resist to mention three tracks. The opening track is the MK dub III of Storm Queen's "Look Right Through" which will rock the clubs in this season I bet. The next highlight I pick is the monstrous Severino remix of Funky Fat's "Jealousy" - recently released on Hot Creations. Also beware of Simion's remix of Ben Pearce - What I Might Do.

Listen, download, enjoy, share and show some love! :)



01. storm queen - look right through (mk dub III) [defected]
02. tapesh - generation (hot since 82 remix) [warung]
03. moosefly - what khan you do [mother recordings]
04. grass is greener & samsara brothers - cruel summer (dj lutique remix) [nurvous]
05. aendy feat. aromancejunkie - so bad (marco darko remix) [plano b]
06. james curd feat. morgan phalen - so bad (larse remix) [exploited]
07. funky fat - jealousy (severino remix) [hot creations]
08. celsius - thought as much [moda black]
09. ben pearce - what i might do (simion remix) [hedonism music]
10. disclosure - f for you (totally enormous extinct dinosaurs remix) [island]

11. hot since 82 & habischman - leave me [moda black]

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