RELEASE: George Vala - Let Me Tell You EP

Fresh from releasing Kaiserdisco’s second album, Meet Me On The Floor, KD Music now return with a huge summer anthem from George Vala. The Let Me Tell You EP features two fresh dancefloor cuts from the New York based producer who brings a straightforward club vibe slap bang into the middle of your summer.

“Let Me Tell You” is succulent a deep house record with a cool, relaxed vibe that perfectly compliments the summer sun. Vala’s vast experience with a myriad of musical genres is at play throughout the track, merging the exotic steel drums and the underground basslines to sublime effect. The effervescent vocals from Tunde Olaniran add even more personality into a track that is destined to soundtrack countless hangouts at BBQ’s, terraces, gardens and verandas over the coming months.

French producer Darlyn Vlys expands on the diverse sound with his two reworks of the track. His dub mix has a jazz-like composition that feels at once unrehearsed and lusciously deep. Stretched synths and distorted piano keys give the rework a classic shine as the infectious basslines make it unmistakably of today. For his vocal mix, Vlys simplifies the music and allows Olaniran’s engaging vocal performance to lead the way.


01. Let Me Tell You
02. Let Me Tell You (Darlyn Vlys remix)
03. Let Me Tell You (Darlyn Vlys dub)
04. Autonomous

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