RELEASE: Betoko - I'm a Gin EP

Mexican rising star Betoko has been on fire lately, releasing numerous EPs and being labeled as "Sasha's favorite DJ" as well. He'll pay a visit to Budapest next month and I will get there really soon but right now let's focus on his latest EP, just got released today on Off Recordings.

The idea behind "I'm a Gin" was to revive the authentic retro-funky imagination vibe. The song contains elements of the song using the same stems from the original record: and all crafted in the same studio where imagination originally created all of their tracks, same compressors, keyboards and console creating the highest sonic quality sound.

On the flipside "U Got 2" has yet another killer clap disco groove with a romantic twist pairing up the dreamy bassline.


01. I'm a Gin
02. U Got 2

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