PREVIEW: Digitalism - Lift EP

The Lift EP will be a remarkable release for Digitalism not just for the reason that they collaborated for the first time on these tracks, but it also marks a return to the label that helped introduce them to international dance floors - Kitsuné Records. It may feel like a homecoming, but Lift continues to break new ground for Digitalism. The duo deliberately carved out long-stretches of studio time over the past twelve months to work on some collaborations.

Collaborations are a rarity for the pair, but the new EP features three tracks and three collaborators – The M Machine, Steve Duda and Michael Diamond.The forthcoming release will be a taste of what Digitalism are capable of, but in this instance they wrote within the confides of the Dance Floor but with the expanse and freedom of collaborating with other artists to try and see how far they could push their sound.

The EP opens with the title track "Lift", a collaboration with The M Machine. This is a rhythmic melodic classic, layering synths with diced vocal samples a plenty to give this track an undeniable and upbeat, dance anthem feel.

"Dudalism", a collaboration with electronic wizard Steve Duda, glows with the ethereal vibes of a night about to take off into madness.

Rounding out the EP is the darker "Electric Fist", which Michael Diamond has lent his talents to; it’s all dark synth play, vocal chops and pulsating distortion.

Here's a minimix of the EP from the guys themselves, release date is set for 23th September 2013!


01. Lift (feat. The M Machine)
02. Dudalism (feat. Steve Duda)
03. Electric Fist (feat. Michael Diamond)

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