PREVIEW: StayFly pres. Endless Summer EP

The fact that StayFly Records is getting bigger and bigger over the last few months made me really proud, even though I'm not associated with the label. Seeing a Hungarian label going that up in the charts of house music is a unique thing especially when it comes to working with renowned producers like Him_Self_Her, Newbie Nerdz, Lars Moston and many others.

Being a huge fan of their releases it was a huge revelation for me to find the forthcoming Endless Summer EP which has all the attributes a DJ is looking for in a compilation.

Featuring 9 brand new, exclusive, high quality house tracks from both StayFly "veterans" and new names, the only negative thing rounding this EP is that we nearly have to wait a month for it - release date is scheduled for 19th September 2013. Until then, enjoy these previews from the likes of Haze-M, Rafael Cerato, Lessovsky and many more!


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