Budapest Bonkers Relaunch 2013

Hey everyone.

As you might have noticed my beloved BPB blog has been very silent lately, actually since last summer. I had (and actually I am currently having) a really busy period of my life, but somehow my passion for electronic music is way stronger than anything else.

Therefore I've decided to continue the blog and make it even bigger, better and more interesting!

In the next few months you'll experience major changes around here, especially when it comes to design and hopefully the blog will move aswell.

Here are some of the unique features that you'll come around when you visit BPB:

The BPB Selection - every Monday, you'll find the last week's top 5 tunes, so you can have a compact review of what happened during the last week.

The Dante GBRL Podcast - This will be my really own podcast, posted every Tuesday including some nice deep and sexy music that will help you to make it till the weekend.

Your Guide to the Weekend - This is an exclusive mix series of the blog aswell, mixed by either my humble self or a guest DJ, 1-hour of party tracks to set your mood for the weekend.

BPB Party Planner - Party previews for the weekends (and weekdays) including mixes, tunes and every other promo stuff: just to make sure that you'll have a nice evening in the Budapest area.

And of course, you'll find the usual previews, reviews, mixtape collections and every other stuff to satisfy your electronic dance music needs.

I would also like to encourage you to send tunes and mixes to the BPB mail, the best ones will get posted and much more: bpbonkers@gmail.com

Also I'll make some compact posts at the blog's Facebook page, so if you do not want to miss anything (including some free stuff), please LIKE the blog @ www.facebook.com/budapestbonkers

So, let's roll on again and make some noise!

Dante GBRL

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