Dante GBRL - February 2013 Promo Mix

So let's kick off!

I was so eagerly waiting for the perfect time to restart the blog, that I just cannot resist to post my new promo mix as the first one right after the relaunch.

You may notice that I went through a bit of change since the beginning of the summer and you'll hear that in this mix. But I promise to keep it sexy and danceable as ever!

So, play it, enjoy it, dance to it, share it, download it and everything else you want!



01. florence & the machine - spectrum (maya jane coles remix) [island]
02. jimmy & fred - i see the lights (karmon remix) [exploited]
03. vitor munhoz - black bass [sick society]
04. shadow child - so high (hot since 82 remix) [moda black]
05. sharam jey - who's right (andre crom re-edit) [off recordings]
06. mia dora - occam's razor [moda black]
07. disclosure feat. alunageorge - white noise [island]
08. kolombo - dancing on the floor [diynamic]
09. malente & lars moston - booty (kevin over rejack) [no brainer]
10. justin faust - la fete [cdr]
11. reset - stealin' your soul [downright]
12. kraak & smaak - hit the club (sander kleinenberg remix) [this is]

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