BPB Party Planner: Blond:ish @ Cinema Hall (2013-02-22)

Well, the weekend is almost here and it starts out with a blast in the already legendary Cinema Hall. The British duo of the beautiful Anastacia and Vivie-Ann or better known as Blond:ish will take over the decks in the main room on the next Newcomers party.

The girls are not just beautiful but also really talented, releasing original tracks on Noir Music, Get Physical and Kompakt, while pumping out remixes on imprints such as Fatboy Slim's Southern Fried Records.

Of course, if you know BPB well from the old times, you know that I won't let you prepare for a party without a nice warmup mix. So here's a brand new set from the girls themselves, made for Fabric London

Of course, the Hungarian supporting cast shouldn't be forgotten as well! In the main room, Jumpski & Detective Kelly  will deliver the sexy house beats alongside with Chuck and Perge. The Green Room will host the Newcomers Allstars, while Maxim Kuznyecov play an all-night long set in the Blue Room. Party up!


Venue: Cinema Hall Budapest

Address: 1036 Budapest, Bécsi st. 38-44.
Entry: 2500 HUF / 8 EUR

Facebook event: LINK

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