NuAlias - Ivory

Last week French future house god Tchami made a statement with his brand new Caroline Koch remix that was also reviewed on Budapest Bonkers. The Frenchman said that the new genre should be called future music instead of future house since the term of house music is not broad enough to define the whole genre.

This was my first thought when I listened to this track I got from AJ and Paul, the Toronto-based duo better known as NuAlias. The guys recently had a release together with Pairanoid on the Big & Dirty imprint but it seems like that they just cannot stop releasing epic tracks.

"Ivory" is a superb genre mashing future house/breaks/bass track that got my attention on its first play. Epic freebie which - in my opinion - truly certifies the words of Tchami on "future music". Just check it out and show some love to NuAlias!


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