Preview time #3

First, I was thinking about making a huge Mixmash post with the yearmix and the new releases, but then I discovered some great new stuff from GND Records and So Much Dada. Whatever, let's make a giant preview post aswell. Just for you.

Now Mixmash goes "Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll" with Tommy Trash's next big track to start off 2012! This tune is all the way distorted and synthed in the best of Tommy's characteristic electro style. With his unique sound pick and busy build-ups with some old school "sex, drugs, rock n roll" vocal samples, Tommy cooked another chart threat for coming January!
Alongside the original mix, the release pack will include an instrumental mix of "Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll". Watch out when they both land on the 9th of January!
Tommy Trash - Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll (Original Mix) by MixmashRecords

Sticking with Mixmash, they've got another EP on the Back2Back series, number 4 exactly. The EP starts with a dreamy piano banger namely "Freeze" from Austin Leeds. Its pure big-room feeling goes all the way through you and makes it sound so anthemic! No wonder you want to "freeze" the moment when this track lands on the dancefloor!
But it won't be a the full pack, if we didn't have the electro driven tune "Klav" now spinned by Dyro. The typical Dutch heavy pitched synths and the ultimate build-us of this track will wow every EDM lover.
Back2Back Series Vol. 4 // Austin Leeds - Freeze (Original Mix) by MixmashRecords
Back2Back Series Vol. 4 // Dyro - Klav (Original Mix) by MixmashRecords

There was a remix competition going on in November, organized by Dada Life to remix their mega hit "Happy Violence". Well the results are in, and the winner gets a release on the guys' label So Much Dada. The winner is none other than Special Features who made an excellent dreamy-yet-still-banging electro tune, perfectly fit the Dada sound. It's out today on Beatport, you can check the sample here.
Dada Life - Happy Violence (Special Features Remix Preview) CONTEST WINNER by Dada Life

German GND Records also come up with a surprise before the end of the year. After the amazing success of Modern Pleasure EP, when they got major support from big names such as Alex Gopher, Etienne de Crecy, Mumbai Science, Kissy Sell Out, Boris Dlugosch, The Loops of Fury - The Sneekers just finished their second release. Splash EP is a blast with all three tracks are designed for peak time sets. Check out the previews, release date will be 3rd February.
The Sneekers - Splash EP by GND Rec.

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