Free Track Roundup #11

Well, I'm getting so much awesome stuff, while I have so little time right now - but here's another monster package of free tracks, hope you'll enjoy!

You might have heard about the excellent Australian indie band Strange Talk, I've became a fan last year when I heard their debut EP, and now here's a new track with some huge remixes from the biggest names on the scene. "Sexual Lifestyle" got really sexy treatments from Bart B. More and Reset! and the guys made share them free on Soundcloud. Both tracks are instant favorites!
Sexual Lifestyle (Reset! Turbofunk Remix) by Strange Talk
Sexual Lifestyle (Bart B More Remix) MP3 by Strange Talk

I bet many of you like Florence & The Machine aswell, so electro fans will love this rework by Simma Records artist Marc Remillard, who made a great respray of "Spectrum".
Florence And The Machine - Spectrum (Marc Remillard Remix) FREE DL by Marc Rémillard

Also it's not a secret anymore that Mad Decent will start a new sublabel called Jeffree, and Heartbreak's tracks will be the first release there, so we get a hint of the new label's sound with this free track called "Elmo".
Heartbreak-Elmo (Extasy. LSD. Marijuana, Oxycontin) by Mad Decent

And now some dubstep from Play Me Records' artist Dark Elixir. His newest banger called "No More Tomorrows" just hit Soundcloud. Take a listen!
Dark-Elixir - No More Tomorrows (Play Me Freebie) by Play Me Records

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