BPB Party Planner: Kollektiva Klub /w Tits & Clits (12-22, Thursday)

Yes yes, there's a party planner for this Thursday! The Kollektiva Crew welcomes another worldwide famous act from the Hungarian electro scene - it's time for Tits & Clits.

These guys has been around since the early days of the blogosphere, remixed Empire of the Sun, Daft Punk, Dem Slackers, The Count & Sinden and got supported by all the big jocks. If you're not really aware their productions I put together a 20-minute minimix as a warmup for tomorrow night.
Dante GBRL - Kollektiva Klub with Tits & Clits warmup minimix by BudapestBonkers

And as a little treat, here's the guys' remix for Dirty South & Thomas Gold huge summer hit "Alive". It featured earlier on the BPB Facebook page btw.
Dirty South - Alive (Tits & Clits remix) Free DL! by Tits & Clits


Venue: Corvintető (1089 Budapest, Blaha Lujza Square 1-2.)


Tits & Clits (OMGITM)
TMX, Fullstereo, Popbitch (Kollektiva)

Entry: 200 HUF (only +18)

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