Tuesday Night Dubstep

Time for some previews! I've got 3 sets of forthcoming dubstep bangers for you from two of the biggest labels in the business, Buygore and Dub Police! Let's roll!

First up is the next release on Borgore's label, which is a French collab of The Unik & Habstrakt. It contains 2 original tracks, and reworks which the guys made for each other. Where I Came From is a nice haunting piece, while Future Swag is a total club bomb, while both remixes are great - I can't really pick, it's a whole package. Looking forward to its release date!
The Unik & Habstrakt 'FILF' EP by Buygore

And now on to Britain! 2 new releases from Dub Police, one of my favorite imprints when it comes to dubstep. KGB's Meat EP contains two massive tracks which will totally destroy dancefloor with Meat and Ultra Skank. I Just Wanna Love You is a totally different story, it's more of a listening pleasure.
KGB DP064 by Dub Police

The other new toy from Dub Police is Subzee D's Jack in a Box EP, I can't really decide here which one to pick, all 3 tracks are gorgeous, but I have go with One More with its chilling breakdown and the drop's totally evil bassline.
Subzee D DP063 by Dub Police

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