Shave The Moombahdisco!

Yeah, really tricky title for a blogpost I know. Here I am gonna deal with some disco, some moombahton and some remixes for Zedd's newest single "Shave It". Let's go!

The new remixes for "Shave It" were released yesterday on the OWSLA imprint (BPB featured the Tommy Trash remix earlier), but here I'll offer 2 free ones! Matt Sayers made a quite nice bootleg for the track, it smashes as hard as the original, but with a kinda different approach.
Zedd - Shave It (Matt Sayers 'No Shave November' Bootleg) **FREE DOWNLOAD** by Matt Sayers

Moombahton great Sazon Booyah's retake is also quite interesting. Not just because it's moombahton, but due to the lower BPM rate it has become quite creepy. Or it's just me. Check for yourself, it's free!
ZEDD - Shave It! (Sazon Booya Remix) by Sazon Booya

And now to the moombahdisco! Kovary sent me his newest remix, taking a real classic, The Rolling Stones' "Miss You" on a moombahdisco ride and it turned out to be great - looks like Kovary's becoming a resident over BPB with new and new remixes nearly every week.
The Rolling Stones - Miss You (Kovary moombahton bootleg)FREE DL!!!! by Kovary

I also promised some disco, so here you are. Fabian from Binary Records shared this free tune yesterday, called "The Jack". Wonderful disco house track, essential for all discoheads out there!
Fabian - The Jack by iamFabian

And we're still not done! I've got a whole free EP plus a remix for you from San Francisco-based producer Viceroy, who had releases earlier on the Shiny Disco Club label. He brings back the summer for a few minutes with some chilly disco tunes, remember those days when you were sipping coctails by the pool and download the EP!
Sunburn EP + Bonus Remix by VICEROY

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