Mickey - You Know The Beat

Mickey starts out 2015 with yet another great anthem. "You Know The Beat" is a mixup of 90es French house combined with a classic old school American house vibe. Just think Cassius meets Todd Terry.

The deep house scene saw Mickey as a newcomer, growing on the label Exploited Records. His releases "Sweet Baby", "Holding Hands" and "Walk Away" are topping the Exploited bestsellers of 2014. Especially "Sweet Baby" which was among the top 10 best selling deep house tracks on Beatport. Next to his Belgian residency at the infamous Libertine Supersport nights, he travels all over the world to rock the crowd with his energetic DJ sets.

He just finished a remix for Modular Records stars Bag Raiders and is currently in London working on his next single.

So, taste the brand new single „You Know The Beat”, and if you like you can already pre-order it on iTunes at http://bit.ly/YouKnowTheBeat

Release date is set for 26 January 2015.


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